Working for Scrooge: 5 Worst Companies for the Right to Associate

ILRF's list of companies is titled "Working for Scrooge: 5 Worst Companies for the Freedom of Association."  The companies that made this year's list include:

A trusted family-brand in the U.S., Nestlé’s true impact overseas
involves a long history of union intimidation and ties to murders of
trade unionists.

Considering its operations in the two most dangerous countries for
trade unionists, it is no surprise that Dole has been accused of
illegal measures to prevent union formation.

Del Monte
Similar to Dole, Del Monte’s production in Latin America has been tied
to severe intimidation as well as the deaths of several union leaders.

Russell/Fruit of the Loom
As recently as over a month ago, the announced closure of a
Russell/Fruit of the Loom factory marks another unlawful attempt to
scare off union members.

Throughout the United States and Canada to the Philippines and
Cambodia, Wal-mart’s violations against union organization span the

Check out the report!  You can send an e-mail to all five of these companies telling them to respect the right of workers to organize by clicking here! 

While this year we highlighted these five companies, it is unforunate that there are plenty more out there engaged in similar misbehavior.  Check out ILRF intern Meaghan Fortune's blog post yesterday which talked about some other companies that didn't make the list this time.

As you can see, the list spans a range of different kinds of companies with rights violations in many different countries.  It is important to note that the right to organize is routinely violated both in the Global South and in industrialized countries like the U.S.  The AFL-CIO NOW blog has a great post about the right to organize in the U.S. and globally which highlights the importance of the Employee Free Choice Act in the U.S. context.  This bill would help workers to exercise their right to form a union and strengthen penalties against companies that intimidate employees trying to join unions.

ILRF will continue to work to protect the right of workers to organize -- especially those working for these five companies and in countries where violence against trade unions is especially prevalent like Colombia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Guinea and others.  Check out our End Violence Against Trade Unions campaign here.

So what are YOU doing to commemorate International Human Rights Day?  What do you think of our company list?  Who did we miss and who should be on it next year?