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Time to cotton on

Agriculture, which is accountable, incredibly, for some 170 million child
laborers, is classed by the International Labor Organization as one of the
three most dangerous sectors in the world in which to work. In almost every
continent - across swathes of Asia, extending into Europe, and in pockets of
Latin America and Africa - children, many of them under 10, are out of school

Kids in Cotton Fields

The International Labor Rights Forum has been working to stop child labor in the cotton industry for years.  For more information and to watch more videos about abuses in Uzbekistan's cotton industry, click here (or you can check out the favorite videos on our YouTube station).  You can also read the report by the Environmental Justice Foundation on this issue, titled White Gol

Changing the World, One Chocolate Bar at a Time

ILRF has had the great privilege of participating in many, many
victories over the past two decades, including the first industry-wide
initiatives to tackle child labor through the Foul Ball campaign on
soccer balls, and our work to establish the Rugmark Foundation;
legislative victories in the form of new worker rights provisions in
the Generalized System of Preferences, the investment guarantees of the
Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and amendments to the Tariff


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