How fair is your eco gear?

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Date of publication: March 22, 2007

Source: NOW Toronto

Author: Adria Vasil


Someone must have slipped some thing in my water, because a giant two-dimensional sex kitten seems to be beckoning me to try on a bamboo bra. A few feet later, a billboard promises 10 per cent off anything in the store if I simply slip on a pair of organic jeans. But this is no hippy mirage. It's the mall at 6 pm on a Monday.

Welcome to the mainstreaming of eco chic.

Sure, global warming is on every politician's lips, but the real sign that the environment has made its way into mass culture is way more street. Consumers don't just want to munch on organic food; they want to wear their eco commitment on their sleeve. Literally. And Big Apparel is clearly catching on... 

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