Detecting products made in sweatshops

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Date of publication: December 14, 2008

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Author: Sheryl Harris

Q: I found a rug at a local chain that looks to be very poor quality, and I'm afraid it was made in a sweatshop. The only label I can see is a piece of tape that says "made in India."

I asked the store buyer about it, and he said it wasn't made in a sweatshop. Things like that are harder to find out than I would have thought. I don't know what I expected - a tag that said, "Made by bonded children," perhaps?

- Bonita Kale, Euclid

A: It is hard to find out the conditions under which imported goods are made.

The RugMark Foundation certifies imported rugs as being made without child labor. RugMark requires certified manufacturers to sign legally binding contracts forswearing child labor and allowing unannounced inspections... 

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