1800Flowers Invitation to Colombia

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Date of publication: April 9, 2010

Author: ILRF

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ILRF sent a letter to 1-800-FLOWERS requesting that CEO Christopher McCann consider visiting with the farmworkers that in Colombia, Ecuador and around the world that help to make 1-800-FLOWERS a successful and thriving business. 

The CEO of I-800-FLOWERS is set to appear on the season finale of the CBS hit reality series, Undercover Boss. For those who may have not tuned in, Undercover Boss follows high-level chief executives as they go incognito to work alongside the employees working at the frontlines of their companies.  We hope that Mr. McCann will consider taking some time in the future to learning more about the experience of workers harvesting and packing roses and carnations face everyday.

You can read more about this on our blog at http://laborrightsblog.typepad.com/international_labor_right/2010/04/president-of-1800flowerscom-goes-undercover.html.