King's Land (Cambodia)

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Name of Factory

King’s Land Garment Cambodia Company

What they produce

Garments, casual women's and men's apparel, children’s clothing, women’s underwear

Who the factory produces for

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc and its supplier Saramax (including brands Clockwise and Highland Outfitters); Allura Importers Inc.; Carter’s Watch the Wear


Kings Land Garment Cambodia Co., Ltd.
No. 538 National Road 2
Prektalong Village
Chakangre Leu commune
Meanchey District
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Number of workers

650 workers currently, there were as many as 1,000 workers in 2006

Factory Info

The King’s Land factory has been in operation for more than 10 years. King’s Land is owned by the Gold Ocean Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong. Gold Ocean owns three other factories in Cambodia.

The current Managing Director of Gold Ocean is Mr. Leon Hsu who in lives in Hong Kong.

Mr. Leon Hsu
Managing Director
Gold Ocean Company Ltd
Unit 1027-28 Pacific Trade Centre
2 Kai Hing Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
E- mail :
Tel: (852) 27958003

Summary of Problems at the Factory

  • Verbal abuse of workers by management
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Discrimination against union members
  • Unsanitary bathroom facilities
  • Workers not granted sick leave as required by Cambodian law


Union Information

Garment Workers Democratic Union of King’s Land Garment Co., Ltd (known as C.CAWDU) was formed in May 24, 2007. C.CAWDU has 450 members at the factory. There is also a company controlled “yellow” union at the factory but this union only has a handful of members.

Communication with Buyers

Clean Clothes Campaign, Maquila Solidarity Network, SweatFree Communities, Asian Transnational Companies Network, and International Textile and Garment Workers Unions, and International Trade Union Confederation all wrote letters to Wal-Mart in February 2008. Maquila Solidarity Network has had several phone conversations with Wal-Mart and Saramax between March and April 2008.

Average rate of pay

The minimum wage in Cambodia is about $50 USD a month. However, the daily pay can fluctuate between $1.08 USD and $2.16 USD. According to the pay stubs of Ms. Phal Savin, she was paid more than $50 USD only once over a ten month period.

Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining Violations

On July 13, 2007 the Garment Worker Democratic Union of Kings Land Co Ltd was formed.  However, from July to August, Kings Land management refused to acknowledge the union by refusing its members access to the factory and firing a total of 16 union leaders and members.  In response, the union filed grievances to the arbitration council causing Kings Land to agree to make some changes.  Unfortunately, the company did not follow through with these changes.

Because of this, on January 11, 2008, the Kings Land workers initiated a strike, causing the Ministry of Labor to invite both sides to negotiate a deal.  However, the company did not show.  The strike continued all the way until January 18, despite threats from Kings Land that if they join the strike they will be dismissed, arrested and denied their annual leave wage.

On January 18, the arbitration council refused the company’s request to order the laborers back to work.  At this point, 3 more union members had been laid off.

On February 6, 2008, while the workers were lined up to receive their wages, they were brutally attacked by factory security and police as management attempted to leave.  At least 15 workers were injured in this clash, 5 with serious wounds. (See section below for details.)

On February 12, C.CAWDU was finally able to meet with the municipal hall, GMAC, Kings Land, and the Labor Dispute department.  At this meeting, C.CAWDU was supported by the municipal hall, agreeing to the compromise that 17 members would be rehired, along with the temporary reinstatement of the President and Vice President, as the Ministry of Labor was still reviewing their cases.  However, they could not reach an agreement with King’s Land.

In April, 2008, King’s Land and C.CAWDU held a series of meetings, moderated by the ILO.  However, it appears that they were not able to reach an agreememt.

As of October, 2010, it seems that no real progress has been made regarding this case since C.CAWDU’s actions in 2007-2008, suggesting that the workers are still in need of help.

Violence Towards Workers

On February 6, 2008 the Garment Workers Democratic Union of King’s Land Garment Co., Ltd. (C.CAWDU) held a strike in front of the factory. Later that day they waited for their wages to be paid in front of the building. They were forced to wait an hour and a half past their usual payment time when the police came and argued with the workers about public security issues. The situation escalated when police began to beat workers, also allowing company cars to crush the waiting workers. Because of this 15 workers were hurt, 5 sustaining serious injuries, including five leg injuries and one broken hand. C.CAWDU condemns this and expects the violators to be held accountable for the injured workers medical bills and loss of pay while recovering from the injuries.

King’s Land Legal Violations

  • Article 41 of Cambodian Constitution (freedom of association).
  • Article 74 of Cambodian Labor Law (compliance of contract duration procedures)
  • Article 83 of Labor Law and Cambodian Constitution (serious misconduct)
  • Conventions 87 and 98 of ILO and Prakas no. 305 MOSALVY (right to collectively negotiate)
  • Article 104 of the Labor Law and the notification no.017 (base wage calculation)
  • Article 106 of the Cambodian labor law and conventions no.100 and no.111 of ILO (right to equal remuneration with men and to equality of treatment in respect to work of equal value)
  • Article 115 and 182 of the labor law ( wages paying and women’s affairs)
  • Article 166 of the Cambodian Labor Law (annual leave)
  • Articles 12, 279, 280 of Cambodian Labor Law (discrimination against and interfering in union affairs)
  • Parkas no.052 (health and hygiene)
  • Company agreement (reimbursement for ID cards)
  • Labor Laws concerning the rights and freedoms of union affiliation, right to have check-off system through a company, right to access information and to broadcast, right to negotiate on individual and collective disputes or other labor linked matters.
  • National law and international conventions on labor to promote good working conditions.
  • Arbitration Council awards on Dec 12, 2007, agreements on Oct 24, 27 and 30 and November 16, 2007 produced in the presence of the arbitration panels.
  • Buyer’s code of conduct (Carter’s Watch the Wear, Wal-Mart and others)


Key Organizations Involved

The MSN sent letters to Carter’s and Intimate Apparel and followed up with Saramax and Wal-Mart.  The CCC sent letters to Carter’s and the Ministry of Labor.  USAS, Sweatshop Watch, and ILRF also sent letters to Carter’s.  ILRF additionally conducted a worker tour.