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Hope for Pakistan's child workers


By Sarah Stuteville

KARACHI, Pakistan (Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting) — Sher Shah is a hard-working neighborhood — a confusing knot of cramped lanes offering up a riot of rattling power looms, puttering motors and booming furnaces. This rough suburb, with its garment factories, machine shops and scrap metal smelters far from the imposing cement skyscrapers of the city center, forms the industrial gut of Karachi.

A Mother's Quest for Rights

El Diario NY

Excerpt from article:

It is a tradition to give flowers on Mother's Day. But what many of us are not familiar with is the far from rosy story behind those flowers.

In Colombia, bouquets don't bring the same joy to Amanda Camacho and other workers in the flower industry. There, workers?the majority women?are paid an average of $8 a day to cut 350 to 400 flowers per hour. They have no health benefits yet are exposed to chemicals and pesticides. Workdays are as long as 12 to 15 hours with no overtime pay. And they are under threat for attempting to unionize.

Colombian Workers Pay High Price for Flowers


Excerpt from article:

This Mother’s Day, remember the mothers in Colombia who grew, cut and trimmed the flowers you receive. Six days a week, Amanda Camacho and thousands of her co-workers at flower plantations in Colombia cut and trim at least 350 flowers an hour. In the weeks before holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, the work extends deep into the night—all for about $8 a day, less than the cost of a bouquet of carnations in the United States.

NYPD uniforms allegedly made in sweatshop


Some New York Police Department dress uniforms were made by a company that had employees working long hours without overtime, investigators said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the department had generally been interested in the quality of the work and fabric used and did not investigate labor conditions, the New York Post reported Thursday.

The New York State Labor Department says Forest Uniform Corp. and a subcontractor, Technical Garment USA Co., owe $500,000 to 16 workers. One man who allegedly worked 70 to 80 hours a week may be owed $30,000...

May Day Fails its Promise to Workers

Huffington Post

By Bama Athreya

Virtually no one in the US celebrates May Day, International Workers' Day - and yet it all started here, and we continue to export the violence faced by the workers it commemorates. Workers who sew our clothes, grow our flowers, mine the metals used in our cars and cellphones are still facing the same problems faced by US workers a century ago.