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Labour rights groups condemn violence against garment workers in Cambodia Press Release January 9, 2014
Labor Rights Groups Call on Walmart & Children’s Place to Participate In $40 Million Compensation Plan for Rana Plaza Victims Press Release December 24, 2013
ILRF Calls on President Obama To Protect Workers' Rights at Government Suppliers Press Release December 23, 2013
Labor Rights Group Urges Reform in Thai Shrimp Industry Press Release September 24, 2013
Fashion Models Join with Bangladeshi Labor Rights Leader Calling on Nautica to Sign Fire & Building Safety Accord Press Release September 6, 2013
UNITE HERE, International Labor Rights Forum, and Bangladeshi garment worker union president applaud American Eagle as latest retailer to join Bangladesh Safety Accord Press Release July 12, 2013
Labor Rights Watchdogs Call Walmart/Gap Plan a Sham Press Release July 10, 2013
GSP Suspension for Bangladesh: A Step Forward for Workers’ Rights and Public Health Press Release June 27, 2013
GSP Program in Bangladesh Does Not Promote Sustainable Development Press Release June 26, 2013
ILRF Applauds House Amendment: Apparel Sold at U.S. Military Bases Must Comply with Bangladesh Safety Accord Press Release June 14, 2013
Protesters Call on Gap to Sign Bangladesh Safety Accord Press Release May 21, 2013
Workers’ Rights Groups to Protest at Gap Shareholder Meeting Press Advisory May 20, 2013
ILRF Applauds Companies for Signing Legally-Binding Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh Press Release May 14, 2013
Highlights of news on Bangladesh factory safety, April-May 2013 May 10, 2013
Workers’ Rights Groups Launch Gap Deathtraps Website Following Bangladesh Tragedy Press Release May 8, 2013
ILRF Urges US Brands and Retailers to Join Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement Press Release April 24, 2013
Coverage of the Tazreen Factory Fire in Bangladesh News coverage citing ILRF, Nov 26 - Feb 6, 2013 February 6, 2013
With 7 Workers Dead in Another Preventable Fire, Labor Rights Groups Implore Apparel Brands and Retailers to Sign Fire Safety Agreement Press Release January 26, 2013
New Report Documents Fire Safety Cover-ups by US Retailers Press Release December 18, 2012
Our Picks of Tazreen Fire News Coverage Compiled News November-December 2012 December 11, 2012