Title Sourcesort icon Publication Date
When truth doesn't pay June 1, 2006
Is this in fashion? C&A sells clothes produced in clandestine sweatshops that exploit illegal immigrants May 6, 2006
Legislature Passes Anti-Sweatshop Bill: Press Release March 29, 2006
Hey, Nice Clothes. But Are They Ethical? October 15, 2006
Students vs. Sweatshops, Round III; The Designated Supplier Program targets college clothing companies August 1, 2006
Valentine's Day Sweatshops February 11, 2005
Breaking the Chain: The Antitrust Case against Walmart July 1, 2006
Good v. Bad Companies: 2010 Shopping Guide November 17, 2009
Statement Concerning the Release from Jail of BCWS Leaders September 10, 2010
Landmark Joint Employment Garment Case Going to Trial January 29, 2008
Anti-Sweatshop Activists from North and Central America Convene in Denver to Promote Sweatshop-free Purchasing May 4, 2005
Press Release: 75,000 Shoppers To JC Penney: Don't Break Promises To Families Of Workers Burned Alive In Factory Fire September 7, 2011
Pittsburgh City Council to Consider Proclamation in Favor of Sweatfree All Star Game on Game Day July 11, 2006
Stadium Workers, Community Members Join Together to Demand an End to Sweatshop Merchandise in Major League Baseball July 6, 2006
Highlights of news on Bangladesh factory safety, April-May 2013 May 10, 2013
International Workers Rights Caucus Urges Companies to Protest Anti-Worker Activities in Bangladesh 111th U.S. Congress Press Release September 1, 2010
'Sweat Free' Measure Headed To Mayor ABC 7 News September 6, 2005
Sweatshop Toys? China's Goods Find U.S. Homes ABC News October 25, 2007
Sweatshop Roses: The Hidden Price of Saying 'I Love You' ABC News February 14, 2007
The Truth About Where Your Donated Clothes End Up ABC News December 18, 2006