Title Sourcesort icon Publication Date
Letter from Luis Javier Correa Suarez: Regional Leader of SINALTRAINAL Assassinated September 9, 2005
When truth doesn't pay June 1, 2006
Is this in fashion? C&A sells clothes produced in clandestine sweatshops that exploit illegal immigrants May 6, 2006
Ethical Consumerism and the Designated Supplier Program: International Labor Rights Fund Position Statement April 27, 2006
Legislature Passes Anti-Sweatshop Bill: Press Release March 29, 2006
ILRF Says Presidential Ban on Child Labor-made Goods is Only a First Step July 8, 1999
New Senate Bill on Child Labor is Problematic March 5, 1999
Global March Against Child Labor Arrives in the United States May 1, 1998
The International Labor Rights Fund to File a Suit Against U.S. Agency for Failure to Enforce its Own Laws May 28, 2003
Hey, Nice Clothes. But Are They Ethical? October 15, 2006
Students vs. Sweatshops, Round III; The Designated Supplier Program targets college clothing companies August 1, 2006
Estudio revela que trabajadoras de zonas francas son victimas del acoso sexual September 14, 2003
Pattern of Sexual Violence Against Women & Their Daughters Revealed in Production of Imported Kenya Coffee May 17, 2002
President Clinton Gives ILRF New Grant January 17, 2001
ILRF Files Trade Complaint Seeking Import Ban on Carpets Made with Child Labor November 5, 1997
Leading Human Rights Watchdog to Sue U.S. Customs Service for Not Enforcing Laws Against Child Labor October 4, 2004
Labor Rights Fund Hails Progress in Alien Tort Claims Act Suit Against Occidental Petroleum April 6, 2004
Three Colombia Airmen Charged in Bombing December 21, 2003
Lawsuit Filed Against Occidental Petroleum for Involvement in Colombian Massacre April 24, 2003
Colombian Union May Proceed Against Drummond Company for the Murder of Union Leaders and for the Violation of its Rights April 15, 2003