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After Sit-Down Strike, Philippine Airline Union Battles Outsourcing Labor Notes August 23, 2012
Hershey's Transgressions Mount on World Day Against Child Labor Press Release June 12, 2012
Bangladesh: Investigate Killing of Labor Activist Human Rights Watch Press Release April 12, 2012
Government of Bangladesh: Investigate Murder of Aminul Islam, End Repression of Labor Rights Activists Letter to Prime Minister of Bangladesh April 11, 2012
U.S. Rights Groups Decry Murder of Noted Labor Rights Activist in Bangladesh Press release April 9, 2012
Raise the Bar Coalition to Hershey and Cadbury: Get Child Slave Labor Out Of Our Easter Baskets Press release April 5, 2012
PVH Corp. Announces Landmark Agreement with Coalition of NGOs and Bangladesh Labor Unions on Fire and Building Safety Press Release March 21, 2012
WRC on PVH's Bangladesh Fire Safety Agreement Press Release March 21, 2012
Eighth Grader Asks Hershey School Trustees to Stop Exploiting Forced Child Labor for Profit Press Release February 14, 2012
Hershey Will Offer Certified Chocolate Following Consumer-Driven Campaign Press Release February 1, 2012
Hershey's to be Called-Out for Alleged Use of Forced Child Labor in Ad at Super Bowl Press Release January 30, 2012
“More Unionists Were Killed”: Alliance of Progressive Labor Testifies in Washington Hearing Press Release January 26, 2012
Working for Scrooge: This Year’s Worst Companies to Work for if You Want the Right to Join a Union Press Release December 20, 2011
Labor and Consumer Groups Call on US Government to Improve Procurement Tool in the Fight Against Forced Child Labor Globally Press Release December 6, 2011
Raise the Bar, Hershey! on CBC news CBC News October 31, 2011
El Lado Oscuro y Amargo del Chocolate Voces de Nuestro Mundo October 26, 2011
Costumed Activists To Give Hershey More Than 100,000 Signatures Demanding a Commitment to Child Labor-Free Cocoa by Halloween Press Release October 25, 2011
Free2Work Launches Barcode Scanning App 2.0, Increasing Consumer Power Press Release October 21, 2011
Mars and Fairtrade International Announce Collaboration Press Release September 27, 2011
As Profits Soar, Chocolate Industry Fails to Deliver on Promises to End Forced and Child Labor on Cocoa Farms Press Release September 19, 2011