Title Source Publication Datesort icon
Joint letter to Senator Patrick Leahy on failure of Philippine Government to address human rights abuses Open letter May 23, 2013
Aiding and Abetting: How Unaccountable Fair Trade Certifiers Are Destroying Workers’ Rights International Labor Rights Forum February 11, 2013
Report on Freedom of Association at United Natural Foods, Inc. December 3, 2012
Freedom at Work 2012: Democracy and an Economy for All August 23, 2012
Working for Scrooge: The Worst Companies of 2011 for Freedom of Association December 20, 2011
Complaint to IMO Re. Theo Chocolate Company February 18, 2011
Stop trade-union repression in Dole plantation – KMU KMU Media Release January 24, 2011
Working for Scrooge: Worst Companies of 2010 for the Right to Associate International Labor Rights Forum December 10, 2010
Freedom at Work Toolkit 2010 International Labor Rights Forum October 7, 2010
Labor Flexibility Violates Labor Rights in Central America: Trends and Cases Central American Regional Campaign against Labor Flexibility May 21, 2010
Working for Scrooge: Worst Companies of 2009 for the Right to Associate International Labor Rights Forum December 10, 2009
Letter to Dole Regarding Labor Rights Concerns (surrounding IPO) October 22, 2009
Freedom at Work Toolkit 2009 September 2, 2009
Precarious Work: How temporary jobs and subcontracting undermines women, migrants and workers’ rights to decent work July 7, 2009
Labor Considerations Regarding the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement May 12, 2009
Legal Complaint Against Dole April 28, 2009
2009 ILRF Testimony to the USTR Regarding Philippines GSP Complaint April 24, 2009
A Lipton Worker Speaks out About Disposable Jobs! March 3, 2009
ILRF Testimony on Military Aid to the Philippines--House Committee on Foreign Operations March 1, 2009
Letter of Concern to the US Congress Regarding Human Rights in the Philippines February 9, 2009