Joint Statement calling on brands to Pay Up!

With the first anniversary of Rana Plaza approaching leading labour rights groups and trade unions across the world have released this joint statement calling on brands to Pay Up!

We, the undersigned, welcome and support the Rana Plaza Arrangement, a  comprehensive and independent framework, consistent with international labour standards,  that will provide the much-needed support for loss of income and medical expenses to the victims, their families and dependents of the Rana Plaza building collapse. A joint approach is the only way to ensure all those who have already lost so much are compensated fully and in a predictable manner.

The combined commitment of the Ministry of Labour of the Government of Bangladesh, the local and international garment industry, local and international trade unions and local and international non-governmental organisations, with the ILO as neutral and independent chair has led to this groundbreaking approach. 

The Arrangement has established a claims process, which will be implemented by a range of local organisations and international experts, who will support victims, their families and their dependants to submit claims, assess the level of payments to be provided to each beneficiary, undertake medical assessments and provide follow up support where needed.

The Arrangement’s voluntary Donor Trust Fund is now taking donations and will be able to start making payments into the victims accounts as soon as sufficient money is pledged.   

US$40 million is required before the first anniversary of the terrible collapse of Rana Plaza on April 24th.

The survivors and victims families have suffered enough and should not have to relive that horrible day without being secure that their financial losses at least are covered. They suffered terrible injuries, lost  husbands and wives, children and parents, brothers and sisters; and will bear the physical and emotional scars for life. This can never be compensated for, but they can and should be compensated for loss of income and medical costs before the anniversary.  

We now call on all clothing brands who source from Bangladesh, and particularly those who sourced from a factory in Rana Plaza, as well as on all garment factory owners in Bangladesh, to immediately make contributions and confirm their pledges to the ILO, who acts as trustee.

We demand brands contribute significantly to the Trust Fund an amount that adequately reflects the relationship they had with Rana Plaza and Bangladesh as well as their ability to pay.



  • Clean Clothes Campaign
  • IndustriALL Global Union Federation

  • UNI Global Union Federation


  • Asia Floor Wage Alliance

  • IndustriALL Europe 



  • Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE)

  • Textile Garment Workers Federation (TGWF)

  • The Sramik Nirapotta (Worker Safety) Forum (SNF), which includes the following organisations:

  • Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK),

  • Bangladesh Environment Lawyers’ Association (BELA),

  • Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST),

  • Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS),

  • Bangladesh National Women Lawyers’ Association (BNWLA),

  • Bangladesh Mahila Parishad,


  • Kormojibi Nari,

  • Nijera Kori,

  • Action Aid Bangladesh,

  • Awaj Foundation,

  • Dhaka Ahsania Mission,

  • Gonoshashthya Kendra,

  • Nari Pokkhyo,

  • Sajida Foundation,

  • Solidarity Centre,

  • Safe,

  • Safety and Rights,

  • Spondon,

  • Taranga.

  • Industriall Bangladesh Council (IBC) which includes the following trade union federations:

  • National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF),

  • Bangladesh Independent Garment Union Federation (BIGUF),

  • Bangladesh Garment Workers Independent Federation (BGWIF),

  • United Federation of Garment Workers (UFGW),

  • Bangladesh Garment and Textile Workers League (BGTWL),

  • Bangladesh Garment Textiles Leather and Shoes Workers Federation (BGTLSWF)

Canada / Quebec

  • BC Federation of Labour

  • BC Government and Service Employees’ Union

  • Canadian Federation of Students

  • Canadian Union of Postal Workers

  • Canadian Union of Public Employees

  • CISO - Centre international de solidarité ouvrière
  • Council of Canadians

  • Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec

  • Maquila Solidarity Network

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour

  • Newfoundland and Labrador Social Justice Cooperative

  • Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association

  • Ontario Public Service Employees Union

  • Oxfam Canada

  • Public Service Alliance of Canada

  • Toronto and York Region Labour Council

  • Unifor

  • United Food and Commercial Workers – Canada

  • United Steelworkers

  • Workers’ Action Centre

  • Workers United Canada Council

  • Workers United Quebec Council / SEIU Local 800


  • CCC Switzerland / Berne Declaration

  • Collectif Ethique sur l’étiquette

  • Confédération des syndicats nationaux

  • Kampagne für Saubere Kleidung

  • Labour Behind the Label

  • MADE in Europe
  • People and Planet

  • Peuples Solidaires

  • Scottish Education and Action for Development

  • Traidcraft
  • Trades Union Congress (TUC)

  • Unia

  • War on Want


  • Garment and Allied Workers Union

  • Mill Mazdoor Panchayad

  • New Trade Union Initiative


  • Gefont



Sri Lanka

  • Free Trade Zone General Services and Employees Union (FTZ-GSEU)


  • International Labor Rights Forum

  • Workers Rights Consortium