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Kathie Lee Scandal, Deadly Fire Highlight ‘Schmatta’ Story: TV Bloomberg News October 19, 2009
Kathy Lee Scandal, Deadly Fire Highlight ´Schmatta´ Story: TV Bloomberg October 19, 2009
Washington may become ‘sweatfree’ The Daily Evergreen September 30, 2009
Foreign garment buyers urged to contribute to worker wages Financial Times September 27, 2009
Low-Wage Workers Are Often Cheated, Study Says New York Times September 1, 2009
Behind the label: cut flowers Ecologist (UK) August 18, 2009
US Commerce Secy: May Add New Labor Measures To Colombia Trade Deal Wall Street Journal August 10, 2009
What they don't tell you about AGOA Pambazuka News August 6, 2009
General strike widely followed in Niger AFP July 30, 2009
Menderes Buyers’ Urged to Encourage Union Meeting ITG July 28, 2009
Showdown looms as Niger declares general strike illegal AFP July 23, 2009
Independent Media Go on Strike against Niger President’s Decree VOA News July 20, 2009
Labor Enforcement Will Get Tougher on Trade Agreements Business Week July 16, 2009
Nothing for Nothing-Review of "Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture" New York Times Book Review July 16, 2009
Privately Owned Niger Newspapers To Protest Decree With Strike AFP July 16, 2009
Niger Senses a Threat to Its Scrap of Democracy New York Times July 14, 2009
Wal-Mart not responsible for factory conditions San Francisco Chronicle July 11, 2009
U.S. trade chief tries to allay lawmakers' worries Reuters July 8, 2009
Politics of delay on Colombia pact Politico July 6, 2009
Three GSP Petitions Filed by ILRF Continue in 2008 Annual Review ILRF Press Release July 1, 2009