Driving Corporate Accountability

ILRF strives to hold global corporations accountable for all core labor rights violations in their supply chains, particularly those relating to child labor, forced labor, discrimination, and restrictions on organizing and collective bargaining rights.

We have a long history of proposing, testing and working to improve programs for holding global corporations accountable throughout their far-reaching global supply chains: 

  • Starting with strategies to weed out child labor from global supply chains, ILRF helped establish what is now Good Weave, an innovative program, which moves child laborers in the carpet industry from work to school and helps create a system of international governance to ensure the elimination of child labor in the carpet industry.
  • ILRF has been a leading innovator and critic of corporate supply chain monitoring programs; most recently successfully campaigning to secure corporate commitments to a legally binding agreement with trade unions to ensure workers’ rights and welfare in the Bangladeshi apparel industry.
  • ILRF evaluates corporate accountability programs in agriculture, the apparel and electronics industries, including programs designed to guarantee worker safety and the elimination of forced and child labor in the supply chain.
  • We test worker grievance mechanisms in fair trade and other social compliance certification systems and work to ensure consumers can depend on the integrity of labels and certifications that purport to guarantee decent working conditions for workers who make the products.
  • We research and promote products made by workers who are organized in democratic unions or worker-owned cooperatives through our Shop with a Conscience Consumer Guide. ILRF is working to make corporate global supply chains more transparent so consumers can use their dollars to stand with workers.