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Unions to make workers’ rights fashionable at LFW International Transport Workers' Federation February 15, 2013
Are Theo's "Fair Trade" Chocolates Unfair to Seattle Workers? The Stranger February 15, 2013
Beneath the ‘Fair Trade’ Label, Union-Busting Lurks In These Times February 14, 2013
New Report Documents How Fair Trade Certifier is Destroying Workers’ Rights Press Release February 11, 2013
As German TV reveals abuses, global unions challenge DHL to act Press Release January 17, 2013
“More Unionists Were Killed”: Alliance of Progressive Labor Testifies in Washington Hearing Press Release January 26, 2012
Working for Scrooge: This Year’s Worst Companies to Work for if You Want the Right to Join a Union Press Release December 20, 2011
ILRF to Participate in Just Jobs Network First Annual Meeting Egypt International Labor Rights Forum May 18, 2011
Dockworkers march for Del Monte boycott Workers World December 11, 2010
Human Rights Day: Workers Ask What’s Gone Wrong at Chase? AFL-CIO December 10, 2010
Honduras: Trade Union Leader Assassinated ITUC Press Release September 24, 2010
Wave of Anti-Union Repression in Panama ITUC Press Release July 13, 2010
Two More Trade Unionists Assassinated in Colombia ITUC Press Release July 7, 2010
Honduras: Violence and Human Rights Violations Escalate ITUC Press Release June 16, 2010
Colombia: Another Trade Union Leader Assassinated ITUC Press Release June 10, 2010
ITUC Annual Survey: 101 Trade Unionists Murdered in 2009; Pressure on Workers’ Rights Grows as Crisis Hits Jobs ITUC Press Release June 9, 2010
Colombia: No Change in Routine of Threatening and Eliminating Trade Unionists ITUC Press Release June 4, 2010
Colombia: Education Sector Prey to Constant Threats and Assassinations ITUC Press Release May 12, 2010
Swaziland: Trade Unionist Dies in Custody ITUC Press Release May 12, 2010
ITUC mourns the loss of trade union leaders Ibrahima Fofana and Magbè Bangoura ITUC Press Release April 19, 2010