"Africa: Why not buy a continent this Christmas?"

The funny thing is that so many corporations are actually buying and
selling something close to this concept for Christmas this year.
Shopping for charity is the latest new thing according to such august
sources as the New York Times,
and Africa is a particularly favorite conceptual destination for
holiday shoppers, ever since the big push started by Bono and
colleagues around the 2005 G-8 summit- does anyone remember the
worldwide rock concerts in July of that year, "Live 8"?  Too bad that
according to our informal survey (of the Live 8 concert in
Philadelphia), most of the audience had no idea that the concerts were
supposed to be raising awareness of debt in Africa.

Still, the push continued through the World Economic Forum meetings
in January of 2006, with the announcement of the new "Red" marketing
campaign.  The Gap has been the most prominent marketer of this
particular new brand, at least in the mags that I read.  Imagine, you
can now buy a better life for a poor African by simply purchasing a
T-shirt or some yoga wear.  What is so different about marketing this
idea seriously, and the more comprehensive step that the Yes Men are

In the meanwhile as our continued campaign work against Firestone
for slavery in Liberia and Nestle and other chocolate manufacturers for
child trafficking in Ivory Coast reminds us, some companies don't find
this idea so funny.  Yes Men, where are you and might we suggest you
bring your proposal to Indianapolis?  Firestone would love to hear from