Fairness at Fyffes: Over a Thousand Melon Workers in Honduras Join Call for Their International Labor Rights Including Forming an Independent Union

Choluteca, Honduras Farm workers in Honduras who plant, harvest and pack melons for Japanese-owned multinational fruit giant Fyffes have spent nearly a decade organizing for better working conditions, job stability and a voice at work through a union contract. Workers labor under backbreaking work loads at low pay in hundred degree heat, health and safety issues and discrimination for being affiliated with the STAS Agricola union but they continue to bravely push for dignified work to support themselves and their families. On Wednesday March 29, 2023, over 500 mostly women farm workers organized by STAS delivered a petition to Fyffes with more a thousand worker signatures calling on the company to respect their fundamental labor rights, and return to the table to sign the binding agreement with their union.

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Hundreds of Honduran Melon Workers Protest Unsafe Conditions, Call for Labor Rights