GAP found using child labor

No longer is it a news story when women are sexually harassed in a
factory.  No longer is it a news story where workers are fired for
trying to form a union.  At ILRF we are contacted by our partners all
the time and yet are at a loss for what's next.  Companies have been
able to hide behind voluntary initiatives and fantastic PR machines
that so many believe.  It's a constant struggle for the media and
consumers to realize just how prevalent sweatshops are still today.

ILRF Critiques Wal-Mart's Sourcing Practices

“To effectively address these flaws, Wal-Mart must reorganize its
auditing program to enable auditors to fully investigate factories and
gain a realistic depiction of operations.  Further, Wal-Mart needs to
communicate and engage with all levels of the supply chain directly,
from workers to suppliers, and take responsibility for its powerful
role in the production process,” as stated in the report.

Murderers of Colombian Trade Unionists Rarely Brought to Justice

You can read USLEAP's full report on impunity under Uribe here.  You can also check out other blog posts on violence against trade unions in Colombia here.  USLEAP's findings are also supported by the recent Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights by International Trade Union Confederation and you can read more about that report


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