Ethical Consumption: USLEAP Views on Fair Trade, Other Certification Programs, and Consumer Power

U.S. consumers have grown more concerned about and aware of the conditions under which the goods they purchase are produced. This increased consciousness has lead to new models of production and consumption and a variety of alternative product labels with respect to environmental issues (e.g. Shade-Grown coffee), health (e.g. Organic bananas), animal treatment (e.g. Free-Range Chickens), and so on. Labels are intended to provide an easy way for consumers to know what products they can buy that reflect their values.

Smithfield Tar Heel Workers Want a Union

The story of Smithfield workers can be found at  Basically it's a typical story of corporate greed where over the past decade the company has begun to demand more production at higher speeds at the world's largest pork processing facility.  The workers are primarily black and Latino and the company has used tactics to try to divide the workforce.  Even more upsetting are the ICE immigration raids that have taken place as recently as last week ripping fa

Support freedom of speech and freedom of association

Background: Workers' Rights Violated; Critics gagged Since July 2006, the Garment and Textile Workers Union (GATWU), the New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI), the Civil Initiative for Peace and Development
(CIVIDEP), the Women Garment Workers Front Munnade and the CCC Task Force Tamil Nadu have been subject to a local court injunction, prohibiting them from distributing information inside and outside of

Immigration from the Source

Yet all the great programs of the union can not change the fact that
work on the banana plantation is brutally hot and dangerous. SITRABI
members receive a little more than Guatemala’s minimum wage, about $6
US a day.  They may also live on the plantation's small houses (shared
between two often large
families) rent and utilities free.  There is a school and daycare for
the children, healthcare facilities, and a small pension for retirees.


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