Firestone call-in day a success!

ILRF circulated two phone numbers for Firestone to our e-mail action list on the morning of the 26th.  The first goes directly to Adomitis' voicemail and the second is the general phone number for the Firestone Natural Rubber Company.  When Stop Firestone supporters called during noon and 2pm for the call-in day, they were greeted by a pre-recorded voicemail filled with Firestone's

China Not Sole Source of Dubious Food

I have heard people in the grocery stores begin to check where
products are coming from and are shocked to find food coming from all
corners of the world.  It is a reality check for people who assume that
the food we consume would come from the US (though I could rant for
days how the notion that food is labeled "Product of the USA" doesn't
in any way give it a pass since we know that corporatization of US
agricultural has meant a lowering of standards).

What do Shakira, the Teamsters, Uribe and the Clintons have in common?

In order to change Colombia's and his own image, Uribe has enlisted the help of several public relations firms to respond to the latest news on Colombia and distort the country's human rights record in order to assuage the serious concerns about US support for Uribe's government.  One of those firms is Burson-Marsteller and is headed by Mark Penn (former clients include the Argentine military junta, Union Carbide and Royal Dutch Shell).  P


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