Paramilitary Ties to Elite In Colombia Are Detailed

The news is the latest in a series of reports that have been coming out of Colombia showing the links between the government, paramilitary groups and corporations.  In March, Chiquita admitted to paying millions of dollars to the AUC paramilitary group, which is considered a terrorist group by the US State Department.  The ILRF lawsuit against Drummond, an Alabama-based coal company, which

Chinese Migrant Women Deserve More than a Scholarship from Wal-Mart

This is just another case of Wal-Mart trying to buy out communities by
offering scholarships to migrant women so that they are able to receive a
better education. If Wal-Mart was really
serious about supporting the education of its migrant women factory workers,
why don’t they encourage their suppliers to train women for management level
positions. Of course Wal-Mart would
never do anything so systemic but rather make insulting attempts to make others

Just Say No to Fast Track

FAST TRACK transfers the authority to make trade policy from Congress to the President, eroding democratic participation and essential checks on Executive privilege.

As a result, the Bush Administration has pursued a corporate led free trade agenda which privileges corporate interests over those of the common good.

When President Bush asks for a renewal of Fast Track, we need to make sure that Congress "JUST SAYS NO!"

Californian farmworker confronts Wal-Mart

I work for an organization in California named “Lideres
Campesinas, Inc.” as an assistant coordinator for the worker conditions program
at the national level and as part of my job, I give presentations on sexual
harassment cases in the workplace, pesticides exposure, pay and work hours,
child labor laws as well as trainings on domestic violence, sexual harassments
and health. We covered themes on breast cancer and cervical caner.  We


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