Nestle Still Doesn't Get It

We have repeatedly requested that Nestle take responsibility for
its cocoa supply chain in Ivory Coast and are still waiting for clarification on
what the company has done to take the few simple, basic steps that we and others
requested years ago.  These include:

*Provide transparency of your supply
chain.  The farmers know which multinationals are buying their cocoa- why, then,
is it so hard for the multinationals to identify which farmers are selling to

Walmart's Energy Savings Cost Workers

The story notes that Philips manufactures CFL bulbs in Asia, and GE is
portrayed as worried that a big increase in CFL sales could take jobs
away from its US-produced incandescent bulbs.  The story says that in
meetings with suppliers, WMT buyers pushed for lower prices for CFLs.
Has Walmart, and have the big environmental groups advising it,
considered how suppliers will manage to enforce work place codes of
conduct and ensure fair compensation of workers as prices are cut to

Attention Liberians: Beware of Foreign Investors!

What Keating doesn’t note is that child labor and violations of
internationally recognized labor rights are still rampant on the
Firestone rubber plantation.  Beyond just bad publicity, organizations
in Liberia, the US and around the world are pressuring Firestone to
take responsibility for human rights violations in their rubber
production and have formed the Stop Firestone coalition.

Ecuadorians eliminate businessman notorious for labor rights violations from the presidential seat

Fortunately for Ecuadorian workers, Noboa is not president-elect. The
winning candidate, Rafael Correa, is more left-leaning and hopes to
unite South American countries to gain more favorable trading
possibilities. He has also said that he will not sign the free trade
agreement with the United States - this is also good news for local
workers, who are offered no real protections for their labor rights
under this proposed FTA.


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